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Making Journeys: Building Blocks for Diversity

Diversity is a hot item in education. But what does diversity entail in practice? How is it experienced by Utrecht University students in the context of their education?

This exhibition is part of the project 'Making Journeys: Building Blocks for Diversity' (2017-2019) funded by the Utrecht Stimuleringsfonds Onderwijs. The project created a space where refugee students, their fellow students and teachers could broach topics of learning and understanding in relation to their journeys into the classroom - for which there is no time or space in the classroom itself.

In a series of workshops and interviews we explored, through arts-based research, what diversity can mean in the context of Utrecht University education. This exhibition presents a complex picture of diversity through photographs, writings, drawings, paintings, filmed portraits, and quotes.The personal journeys evoked here go beyond national or ethnic identifications. And there is room for everyone to reflect and add their experiences and perspectives.

Exhibition locations

  • Administration Building (Bestuursgebouw), Utrecht, 18 - 29 March 2019
  • Victor J. Koningsbergergebouw, Utrecht, 17 - 28 June 2019

Project team

Noortje van Amsterdam
Alexandra Barancova
Project Assistant
Emmeline Besamusca
Faculty of Humanities
Mary Bouquet
University College Utrecht
Elena Valbusa

Exhibition design

Henk de Haan
Henk de Haan Ontwerp, Den Haag

Grateful thanks to

All the Incluusion and UU students who participated in the project.